Q-vantage & Covid-19

Q-vantage, like other responsible companies, is keeping track of the emerging developments regarding COVID-19 and has taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees, clients, and stake holders.

During this pandemic, we have taken unprecedented steps to ensure business continuity for ourselves and for our clients. We know that our clients need us and rely on us, so our clients can expect uninterrupted services from us even during these difficult times.

As usual, we are available 8AM PST – 5PM PST. We are also available after-hours in unique circumstances and when warranted. Our offices will have "light" staff onsite, as of now at least.

How to get in touch with us?

First things first… does your website have a COVID-19 Landing Page?

You need a dedicated landing page on your website for COVID-19 that tells your customers, team members, vendors, and partners about your modified business practices, protocols, and hours during this pandemic.

Contact us today at to get your website landing page for COVID-19.

What To Do if You Are Sick

Digital Marketing is the answer!

As we maintain physical distance, digital marketing keeps us closer…safely!

Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing

We are offering FREE digital marketing strategy to companies who contact us during the month of March. Email us TODAY at

As the cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) are increasing internationally, businesses are scrambling to navigate the pandemic – both internally and externally. Recently, notable big-tech conferences have been cancelled due to COVID-19. In response, marketing services have saved the day and have become the preferred alternative.

How to Protect Yourself

Teaching the world how to Work Remotely

As the coronavirus spreads, working from home is the new reality for many US workers.

We have already received several requests from our clients regarding REMOTE WORK STRATEGIES!

Some of the questions are:

  • Should you use VPN?
  • Should you use Remote Control?
  • Should you use video conferencing?
  • Is your team logging in securely?
  • Does remote login expose your office infrastructure?

Each option has its own benefits and challenges. Contact us TODAY for a FREE consultation on Remote Work Strategies during the month of March at

Mobile Apps are safe, secure, and a must have!

Offer a mobile app to your remote team members, clients, vendors, and partners during this pandemic breakout. A mobile app is fast, efficient, convenient, and maintains physical distance.

Contact us TODAY at info@q-vantage.comfor a FREE consultation on Mobile App integration into your Pandemic Business Strategy.

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