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Q-vantage has been in business for 18 years and our team brings plethora of experience, knowledge and expertise to your mobile app projects. Whether this is your first mobile app project or 10th, we are here to walk you through the entire process. Mobile app development is new to many of our customers but they rely on our expertise and consultations to take their ideas/dreams from concept to creation. As mobile app specialists, our job is to work with our clients and assist them in fine tuning the idea (if there is a need) and only then proceed to the next phase - mobile app development.

We will sit down with you, listen to your ideas, learn about your business goals, understand your project needs, and develop a customized project plan just for you! We will ask you about your budget so we may remain under-budget and on-time. We have been around long enough to know that each business has financial and other constraints; you can count on us to work within your frame work and yet produce an outstanding app. Our customers find our approach to be client centric and results oriented.
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Mobile apps transforming the future of parking

(CNN) An era of fumbling for spare change and driving in circles in search for a parking space may be coming to a close.
Drivers across the nation and around the world are turning to mobile apps, websites and other forms of technology to both find and pay for parking with greater efficiency. At the same time, major U.S. cities and a new wave of startups are working to simplify the parking process, perhaps marking a revolution in the parking industry, experts say.

Eric Meyer, 24, lives in the Baltimore neighborhood of Canton and knows firsthand about the frustrations of parking in a busy city. A former employee at Phillips Seafood, Meyer found himself driving in circles every time he headed home from work.

"Anyone who has lived in Canton or Federal Hill or a lot of these densely populated neighborhoods knows that searching for spots can be like looking for a needle in a haystack," Meyer said.

So Meyer quit his job and founded the app Haystack, which allows a user who has a parking spot in the Baltimore area to offer it up for a price, usually around $3. A driver who needs a space pays and then takes the spot to complete the exchange.


Slack CEO Explains Why He Thinks His 8-Month-Old App Is Now Worth $1.1 Billion

(Eugene Kim) There's been so many billion-dollar startups these days that it's almost starting to feel routine in tech
Slack, an enterprise work collaboration app, is the latest one to join the club. It announced on Friday that it's raising $120 million at a $1.1 billion valuation.
When we asked Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield about it, he agreed his company's numbers are still small in absolute terms. But the $1.1 billion valuation has more to do with the rapid growth it's been seeing, and the fact that it hasn't spent a dime in sales and marketing, he said.

“We still have a long way to grow to justify the valuation,” Butterfield told Business Insider. “But it’s largely on the basis of the trajectory that we’re on, and most of all, because that’s just been happening organically.”

According to Slack, more than 30,000 active teams send over 200 million messages each month. It has more than 73,000 paying customers, and it’s adding $1 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) every month. At that pace, Slack would surpass $10 million in ARR this year, and become the fastest-ever software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to do so.

For comparison, Butterfield mentioned Workday, a publicly traded enterprise SaaS company that’s now worth $17.8 billion. Butterfield said it’s not an entirely fair comparison, since Slack and Workday are in different businesses, but it took Workday about three years and roughly $30 million in sales and marketing — while losing about $75 million in total — to get to $10 million in ARR.

“We’ve established that people would pay for us. Slack is being valued based on its ability to make money rather than something more speculative,” Butterfield said.

ARR is a commonly used metric among SaaS companies, who charge on a subscription basis. It’s a projection of its annual revenue, based on its total recurring monthly subscription contracts. That means ARR is not the annual revenue you actually recorded, but what you expect to get in the next 12 months, assuming the customer returns to use your service.

Most SaaS companies have enough data to estimate the number of customers returning, and its retention rate usually gives a good idea of what to expect in the future. Butterfield didn’t disclose any of the actual figures, but did say, “retention is near perfect” at Slack.

Butterfield said more new features, like threaded comments and email integration, as well as “favorites” using emojis, will be added in the coming months. But Butterfield agreed there's still a lot of work to do, and it will all start from sales and marketing.

“To get to the kind of scale that we want, we’re definitely going to have to start investing in marketing,” he said.


Apple explains why it booted an app from the App Store, and implies its developer was lying

Business Insider (Apple CEO Tim Cook)
Last week a firestorm erupted when Apple booted from its App Store a popular app for coders called Dash, and deleted the developer's account. And now Apple is publicly explaining itself. Apple App Store spokesperson Tom Neumayr first told Jim Dalrymple at The Loop (and sent the same statement to Business Insider): "Almost 1,000 fraudulent reviews were detected across two accounts and 25 apps for this developer, so we removed their apps and accounts from the App Store. Warning was given in advance of the termination and attempts were made to resolve the issue with the developer but they were unsuccessful. We will terminate developer accounts for ratings and review fraud, including actions designed to hurt other developers. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously, on behalf of all of our customers and developers."

This statement that "warning was given in advance" and "attempts were made to resolve the issue with the developer" makes it sound like Apple had found the problem a while ago and was trying to work with the app's developer, Bogdan Popescu.

Only that doesn't match Popescu's account of what happened.

Popescu's blog post said he had been booted by surprise, receiving a termination email a day after he had asked Apple to migrate his account from an individual one to a company one. (Dash has been around for many years.) He later updated the blog post saying that Apple banned him for evidence of review manipulation and he denied having done it. "This is something I’ve never done."

Both stories can't be right. Developers seemed to believe Popescu at first and are now just baffled by it all.

As one wrote on Hacker News, a site where programmers comment on news stories of interest to them:

"Well that's definitely strange. Why would the developer do such a thing when Dash is basically the best app of its kind out there? To other commenters, why would Apple accuse the dev of faking reviews if it wasn't true? I don't see Apple getting anything out of it."

We asked Apple how long it usually works with a developer when it discovers fraudulent reviews and how it determines if a review is fraudulent, but Apple did not respond.

Popescu did respond to Apple with a blog post that depicts what he says really went down.

Mobile app development Irvine

An iPhone app which provides and receives instant updates on traffic stops, police checkpoints, booby-traps, high patrol zones, cute police officers, bars/clubs with high patrol activity, ticket prone freeways along with search near by feature.

Technology used: ASP.Net with c#, Web Api, MS Sql Server for Web ios native with Objective C for iPhone

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Mobile app development Anaheim

This is an Android and iPhone based mobile app that is used by a logistics company to deliver letters and packages, obtain signatures, and capture coordinates thereby streamlining the entire logistics process.

Technology used: ASP.Net with c#, Web Api, MS Sql Server, Html 5, CS3, JavaScript for Web part. Java with Android SDK for Android app and ios native with Objective C for iPhone

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Website Design Irvine

Project Brief: WellnetPro is a facilitator app which aims to bring the service providers and seekers in contact with each other. Anyone can download WellnetPro App for free to get health care services. Expert medical professionals (nurses, nutritionist, physical trainers, physiotherapists) can also register on this app. Persons looking for these professionals have to just click and their request goes out to multiple health care professionals. The first responder provides the service and gets paid for this.

A nurse, nutritionist, physiotherapist, or a physical trainer can download this app and sign up to work at their convenience. As our app members request health care services you will get a message on your mobile phone with friendly audible notification to either "accept" or "reject" the requests

Technology used: ASP.Net with c#, Web Api, MS Sql Server, Html 5, CS3, JavaScript for Web part. Java with Android SDK for Android app and SWIFT for iOS>

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Search Engine Optimization Riverside

Watersafe App is for a company which is into the business of imparting swimming classes. The Android and iPhone apps help parents register their wards for classes and also monitor the progress of their wards.

Technology used: ASP.Net MVC with c#, Web Api, MS Sql Server, Html 5, CS3, JavaScript for Web part. Java with Android SDK for Android app and SWIFT for iOS

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